Hey There! 

I am Nikkie. I am just a mom that is desperately trying to bridge the gap between hot mess and Pinterest perfection. I’m a skin care enthusiast turned makeup lover, photographer (though only my kids and animals these days), and girl boss that finally found belief in my self again.



Weither you are a self proclaimed makeup junkie or makeup minimalist, Limelight by Alcone makeup is for you.

I’m winging it


As a girl that grew up in small town nowhere and then decided to go to college in Southern California, I LOVE tacos! Unfortunately, my family refuses to eat them daily. Instead, I head over to Pinterest for easy (mostly healthy) meals and try them out for you!




No matter how hard we try, age catches up with us. Did you know most skincare absorbs in 30 seconds? Why not switch to natural skincare

Let’s go


I like to say that I am slowly bridging the gap between THE HOT MESS MOM and THE PERFECT PINTEREST MOM but really I am just a normal mom trying to do my best to raise my girls right and chase my  dreams on the side…with a little chicken cuddling tossed in. Check out the BLOG and you will see your fair share of Tacos, Pinterest Fails, makeup tips and far too many pictures of my everyday life in the south.

starting a blog in 2018

A New Blog in 2018? Starting a blog in 2018 can seem kind of crazy. There are so many women out there making millions of dollars and here I am not really sure what I have to offer. So, why on earth would I start a blog right now? I am still learning the answer to that...

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LimeLight is Going Global

Here we Come World Alright girlfriend, I have some really big news to share with you. Limelight by Alcone is going global. That might not sound like much to you right now but let me put it in perspective for you. (pay attention even if you are in another network...

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Easy Fish Taco With Lime Crema

(Fish) Taco Tuesday If I had it my way everyday would be taco day, especially the amazing tacos from Southern California. Let me give you a little advice, if you love tacos as much as I do, don’t move to the South. Life just isn’t the same. My general rule...

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