Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I know we did. Honestly I am not even sure what day it is. I definitely have a Christmas hang over. Staying up until 3am putting together a play kitchen will do that to anyone, especially when the kids wake up at 6am. For our family this was a big year as it was our first Christmas living near family. I have to admit part of me was disappointed that we didn’t do more things with the extended family. I have the bad habit of assuming I should be invited to things, instead of just putting it out there that we would like to join in. This living near family (my in-laws) thing is very new to me and i’m not quite sure how it works.

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This year I had to do our own Christmas pictures. I did plan ahead and set up a session swap with another photographer, I even ended my California trip early to make it back in time. Of course, a random hurricane decided to ruin our plans, and she was booked out the rest of the season. I was super bummed at first but we rescheduled for the spring. Instead, we decided to do a little impromptu session outside…and by impromptu the Mister randomly decided he would hop in the picture (that NEVER happens). I had him take a couple of us (he has never touched my camera before). My first instinct was to hate them all. On Instagram I preach self love but there is really big reason I do that. I have to learn to love myself too, just the way I am.

I find myself at that in between phase. I am not overweight but I am defiantly not in great shape. As far as the self love movements go, my body type tends to get left out, so here I am preaching self love until you and myself start to believe it. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to edit the picture with me in it. Then I was thinking I will just fix my flaws, in the end I decided to keep it just the way it was.

Christmas pictures, mom funk, family, family pictures, mom life, mom motivation

I have been battling feeling inadequate a lot lately. My house wasn’t decorated enough, I didn’t do all the amazing crafts with the kids, I let my health slip, my temper has been short fused, and the list goes on. The good news is that I am pretty quick to notice when I start my constant pity party and know exactly how to get myself out of the funk…Yes, I am going to share with you.

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Wake up early

This seems like a cruel joke when you are talking to a mom of little that still wake up at night. I promise you, I have tried everything, including getting all the cleaning and my work done at night. My theory is that I would wake up felling accomplished. Unfortunately, I just woke up tired, and cranky, and I needed a nap ( which wasted time).

Instead, I shoot to wake up at 5-5:30 am and get in some me time, and some time with my husband before he goes to work. By the time the girls wake up (even if it is only 30 minutes later) I am ready for them and we all have a better day.

Drink more water

This is no secret but it really works. When you wake up (no matter the time) be sure to get a big glass of water in (16 oz not 8oz). You will feel more awake and refreshed, then you can have all the coffee your heart desires. When you start to feel tired mid-day, down another big glass of ice water to give your body the pick me up it needs.

Get moving

This is where I have been slacking lately and its showing (mentally and physically). I work out at home and have had zero desire to press play. With a kitten, puppy, chickens, and two kids at home I just felt like I was wasting my precious time (heaven forbid I wake them). You don’t have to do an official workout to get your blood and endorphins pumping. This past week I have been taking the girls outside and we play hind and seek with our Australian Shepherd puppy. He thinks he is herding us and the girls and I have a blast running from him. Nana also bought the girls a trampoline, so I plan to hop on there and join them.

Bonus points if you sneak in a little stretching/yoga in the morning, even 5 minutes will make a big difference. Just look up stretches in bed or a simple sun salutation.

Get dress and ready

The biggest indicator that I am in the middle of a mom funk is when I start living in yoga pants and pony tails! it’s really bad when I wear the same pants for two days straight (including sleeping in them). Yes, it happens more than I would like to admit. So, on days you have zero motivation, hop in the shower then blow dry your hair and put a little makeup on. It will take less time than you would have wasted scrolling facebook. I wont tell you how many showers I take while the kids play at the other end (do what you have to do). I have a running little joke that if my nails are painted, my house is clean. I kid you not, taking the time once a week to pain my nails, boots my productivity.

Change your mindset

Here is where the self love comes in. If you only think negative about yourself, your life, and your ability to be a parent/house wife/entrepreneur….then you won’t be very likely to change much. When I am smack dab in the middle of a mom funk, I turn to some serious personal development and devotionals, I also unfollow some of the perfect Instagram accounts that tend to make me feel like I will never measure up. When you wake up in the morning, think about all of the things you are grateful for. When you go to bed at night take some time to think about your favorite memories from the day.

Listening to podcasts, reading an inspiring book, and a good devotional can be life changing. Heck, even listening to upbeat music while cleaning quickly changed my mood.

New Year’s

New Year’s is just around the corner and before you make one HUGE unattainable goal without any plans on following through, or without the needed support. I want you to stop and think of 5 small goals that you might want to acheive try to include

  1. Work
  2. Family
  3. Personal
  4. Financial
  5. Frivolous

In my next blog I am going to go over how to come up with the perfect New Year’s resolutions and actually stick to them!

Bye Bye Mom Funk

There are so many blogs dedicated to living a healthy life and being more productive, trust me I know because I read them. I could go on for pages about how to bust out of your mom funk the 5 things I listed are just the quickest and easies changes that you can make to end that mom funk STAT. I will be sure to write a longer post on how to keep the mom funk away for good, and link it.

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