Hello Delicious Barbecue Sauce!

Life is not complete without a good barbecue sauce. The healthiest way is to make your own but y’all know I am not all about that life. Instead I try to find the healthiest pre-made condiments that I can at my local Publix. My husband is pretty partial to Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce but I decided to give Rib Rack BBQ Sauce  a try for dinner. I mean the worst that would happen is he would douse the meal in ketchup,does anyone else’s husband do this?

BBQ sauce, barbecue , clean eating, healthish, barbecue sauce

We got rid of our grill when we moved and haven’t replaced it yet…which doesn’t change but because I don’t touch the grill. So, these were made in the oven on broil, not quite the same but still super yummy and very easy for me to make. I just do about 10-12 minutes on each side and then put the sauce on and cook another minute or two.

I guess I should preface that I hate overcooked meat, so I literally cook my chicken to the point that it wont make me terribly sick and not a second longer. So, if you like yours fully cooked you might want to do 12-15 minutes on each side. Either way be sure to let the chicken sit for a couple minutes after cooking, that way the juices are soaked in and it makes for a super juicy dinner. If you cut too soon, all of the juices will flow out and you will be very sad. In my defense, I have yet to make anyone sick from my chicken and I have gotten a ton of compliments on how juicy it is.
BBQ sauce, barbecue , clean eating, healthish, barbecue sauce

Okay, back to this delicious barbecue sauce, it was a TOTAL hit!!! My Alabama husband boldly stated that it was the best pre-made barbecue sauce that he had ever had. That is a HUGE deal! It really was so yummy and I love that it more natural and cleanish(it does have brown sugar). Check out their website to see the exact ingredients and other products they carry. Oh, don’t buy the bottle from Amazon, it is crazy expensive.BBQ sauce, barbecue , clean eating, healthish, barbecue sauce

Funny story- The Mister took a glass tupperware container full of these leftovers and was so excited, he accidentally dropped and broke it in the parking lot and was so upset. Poor man was looking forward to a delicious lunch and ended up at Hardee’s. He went out and bought plastic tupperware the same day. If you try this out be sure to let me know what you think! I am a little sad because I just tossed all of our plastic tupperware and replaced it with glass.

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