Are you ready for Taco Tuesday? Yes, I am aware it is actually Thursday but that’s okay! Everyday should be Taco Tuesday in my book.steak fajitas, tacos, taco tuesday, clean tacos, easy tacos,

Here is the cold hard truth…Cooking does NOT excite me, it does not bring joy into my life BUT apparently it is my job to keep my family and myself alive and healthy. Now, let’s get one thing straight tacos make me HAPPY and for that I will happily mess up my entire kitchen to treat my family to Taco Tuesday each week. Yes, I cook on the other days too but Tuesday’s are my happy day.

This week I had purchased some steak on sale at Publix! I only shop for a week at a time so I ALWAYS check the for sale meat first (just be sure to use it quickly). I was planning on chicken tacos but they switched to steak. Oh, by the way anything that goes in a taco shell is a taco in my book so steak fajitas are DEFIANTLY tacos!steak fajitas, tacos, taco tuesday, clean tacos, easy tacos,

I WISH I had prepped my meat and veggies ahead of time, it would have saved me a HUGE mess and allowed the steak to absorb all the seasoning. Start to finish I want to say these took me about an hour but honestly with two kids running around I kind of lose track of time..I just know that dinner needs to be ready by around 5:30 when my husband gets home from work.

I must say these steak tacos turned out delicious!! I used my handy dandy portion containers to serve myself two and I was FULL! To be nice I made the rest of the family some spanish rice, they like it. Seriously yall, I absolutely love when I can make a meal that we all love and know that it is healthy as well. So, next time you see a Meme making someone choose between being skinny and loving tacos, remember me! It can be done my friends.steak fajitas, tacos, taco tuesday, clean tacos, easy tacos,

Okay, I am gong to be 100% honest, I am not sure how to make the recipe card YET. These were adapted from Spend with Pennies Chicken fajitas recipe. Remember I ended up with steak instead of chicken. I swapped a couple things out because I am still replenishing my spice cabinet after moving. Instead of using all of the spices I used Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle AND Tabasco Chipotle sauce (which is not 100% clean but so delicious). The I topped with cheese, greek yogurt and more sauce. Oh so yummy. steak fajitas, tacos, taco tuesday, clean tacos, easy tacos,

If you are following the 21 day fix plan or Portion fix that goes along with most of the newer programs this would count as

1- RED (steak) 1- GREEN (peppers and onions) 1- YELLOW (whole wheat tortillas). That is excluding the toppings of cheese and greek yogurt (perfect swap for sour cream).




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