Do you have an empty cup?

empty cup, embrace your moment, grace not perfection

How often do you hear or read some version the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup?” I know I hear it at LEAST weekly, if not more. Heck, I even repeat sometimes.

I know it is true, you know it is true….YET most of us do not follow the sound advice. Why? I am guessing if you are anything like me, then you might not even know where to start. You have the “All or nothing” mentality and taking time for yourself seems too far off.

Truth moment

From a business standpoint I hear “Don’t share about something until you are past it” I can see the benefit of that, I really can. I personally love reading stories and taking advice from people that have been through similar struggles. Here is the one thing that keeps me from taking this advice…I do believe people had rough spots and I appreciate them sharing but often times by the time they share their story and struggle they are so far past that point it is hard to connect.

Which brings me to the point I am at right now. My life is very hard at this moment…my cup is empty. There is a lot up in the air and I was pretty much forced to go back to work for the first time in 7 years…Not just any work, but traveling (with my family in tow) 4-5 hours out of town for 4-5 days at a time every other week while trying to get our house ready to put on the market. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, Im worn down, depleted and all of the other words I could find to define what I am feeling at this very moment.

What am I doing about it?

First off, I am doing the best I can. Most days that is not nearly enough but I am trying anyway. Recently I started to feel that burnout, the one that usually happens when we moms run ourselves down. I saw my future and knew that I didn’t have time for that and that my family was depending on me continuing to function. So, I took a 5 day social media break and just focused on my family and what made me happy.

I read books…like actual books and not audiobooks like usual. I set aside 30minutes to an hour to go play with the girls. I set reminders to pray and prayed about being better about praying (yes I really did).

The result? I felt so much better and had a light bulb moment. I was going to share it all right now! All of my messy life, just in case there was someone else going through something similar right now. I just started a new book Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy and I am LOVING every word that Emily says. One of my favorite things about Emily is that she shared her struggles as she was going through them. I remember following her on Instagram during her struggles with fertility and just imagine how many women she helped during that time. Now, I am not going to pretend that I am anywhere near as amazing as Emily BUT I am going to follow in her footsteps and be an open book.

My life is not Pinterest perfect in any way..If anything, it is a constant Pinterest Fail.

What is next?

I don’t see my life getting any easier in the near future BUT I do plan to be intentional each and every day. Some things I am working on right now

  • Getting at least 7 hours sleep
  • Workout out at least 4 days a week
  • Setting aside 20 minutes a day for prayer/starting a prayer journal
  • only checking my social media 2x a day

That is what I am working on this week. I may or may not get it right but I will keep trying.



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