It’s the day after Halloween and we all survived! Depending on your parenting style, your kids have already¬† ate half of their halloween candy….or its hidden so you can hand it out piece by piece.I am so the latter…actually I will probably hand it over to someone else because I sure as heck don’t want it in my house where I can hear the kids wine about and eat it all myself.

Okay, back to the topic at hand…Halloween costumes. If you are anything like me, your newsfeed and IG are FULL of adorable kid costumes and perfectly planned out family costumes. Then the photographers took it a step further and created stunning pictures to go with the perfectly detailed costumes. Suddenly the costume you loved so much suddenly seems plain and just not enough..Then the comparison really takes over and you start to feel bad that you didn’t do a better job, did go the extra mile and that your toddler wasn’t wearing a “real” costume…Oh wait that was my worry!

halloween, halloween costume, sisters, siblings, mermaid, mermaid costumes

Yep! Comparison got the best of me. One kid was dressed better than the other, I could have taken better pictures, if only my husband dressed up too. Talk about a fun sucker! Here is where I remind myself…and you.

There will ALWAYS be someone who does it better than you!

halloween, halloween costume, sisters, siblings, mermaid, mermaid costumes

It’s a hard truth to learn but it is oh so true. Even if you excel at one aspect of you life, you can’t in all of them. Trying to do so will just overwhelm you and take the joy out of everyday life. Trust me, I have tried and failed miserably. Alas, the girls and my costumes. I decided awhile back that we were all going as mermaids, my friend actually ordered our costumes and I kind of forgot about it. Suddenly, Halloween was nearing and poor Annabelle did have a real costume, so I took to Amazon and couldn’t find anything I liked. I even tried to buy a fairy costume I was going to try to pull off as a Mermaid (at 18 months she wasn’t falling for it).

halloween, halloween costume, sisters, siblings, mermaid, mermaid costumes

Being true to toddler fashion, Annabelle woke up at 5:30 AM took only a 30 minute nap and refused to wear her “fake” mermaid costume. She was perfectly happy in her adorable little outfit…and I got her to nap by driving around in the truck before stopping by to see Nana. In the end she wasn’t winning any costume contests but she was comfortable and happy, so that is all that mattered
halloween, halloween costume, sisters, siblings, mermaid, mermaid costumes

Evelyn looked adorable in her costume, which only lead to more mom guilt. She wasn’t too happy to be posing for my camera. Seriously, after 5 years one would think she would realize that EVERYTHING needs to be documented. Yes, that is Steve the chicken photobombing her little photo session.

Moral of the story? I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween, it doesn’t matter if you made your costume, bought it, dressed up as a family, or let everyone do something different. Enjoy the moment, the memories and remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH!halloween, halloween costume, sisters, siblings, mermaid, mermaid costumes

Now, bring on Thanksgiving!!!

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