My Independence Day Recap

I LOVE Independence Day…though it makes me sad people don’t really call it that anymore. I’m not going to go over how important this day really is to our history because I am sure that you already know. fourth of July, Independence Day, family, my story, daughters, children


Growing up we had the same tradition each year. We didn’t have a lot of money but my mom always made sure to get us some fireworks and take us to the fairgrounds to watch the big firework show. We didn’t have big family BBQs or fancy lake houses but I loved our little tradition. With social media being so big it is so HARD not to compare our traditions to everyone else’s. Guess what? Comparing just sucks the fun out of life! It really does, I know first had because I am so guilty of it.

To me Independence Day didn’t matter what we had, it was about celebrating our nation, spending time with family, and enjoying the day. Popsicles, hotdogs, sunny days, and sprinklers were enough to make me as happy as can be. fourth of July, Independence Day, family, my story, daughters, children

This was our first Independence Day in Alabama and I had really high hopes for a big family get together, bon fire, BBQ, fireworks….I was pretty disappointed come Sunday when I realized that we didn’t have any plans. Instead of sulking I went to the store and bought a pool, food and fireworks. I didn’t make perfect crafts, or bake gorgous red white and blue pies. We invited my Mother in Law and nephews over and we all had a blast! It might not be the tradition I dreamed of but it was perfect in our own way.

fourth of July, Independence Day, family, my story, daughters, childrenChoose Joy

As I sit here looking back over yesterday I realize just how blessed we are. We didn’t BBQ because we haven’t bought one yet since moving but we improvised and made an amazing meatloaf sandwich, delicious deviled eggs and some corn on the cob…oh and a nice bowl of ice cream! I might have been sad that there was not more family there but Evelyn didn’t mind, she was so happy to have her cousins to play with. A year ago we didn’t have this option and I am so thankful for it.  fourth of July, Independence Day, family, my story, daughters, children

BIG FIREWORKS are legal here! Seriously, growing up in California I had never seen the big ones up close, just from a distance in the fairgrounds. It was pretty amazing to see them so close up. The kids loved every second of it and I did too. Though Annabelle somehow managed to fall asleep, bless her heart. fourth of July, Independence Day, family, my story, daughters, children

I may have been a little envious of the lake houses, huge family get togethers, Pinterest perfect actives, and all of that BBQ steak but in the end I was so happy to be home with my family, cuddling chickens and watching fireworks in my front yard…oh and my bed. I was sure happy that my bed was only a few steps away. We are lucky to be living outside of the city to avoid the bright lights…and fire hazards. There was something so perfect about sitting in my patio chair watching the Mister and the kids light fireworks on our dirt road. It really is the simple things that make me happy. fourth of July, Independence Day, family, my story, daughters, children

The Future

I learned something yesterday. I really liked having the family over for the celebrations. I have never lived close enough to family to have them over. So, as a way of protecting my own feelings I convinced myself that I wouldn’t want people over anyway. I told myself it was too much work, too stressful, and many other lies to hide the fact I was sad that I didn’t have anyone to invite over.

Traditions can change! Maybe next year we will go camping by the lake, or maybe I will have even more family over. Here is to stepping outside of our comfort zones, putting a stop to comparison, choosing joy, and chasing our dreams. signature


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