It’s Here!!

If you read my previous blog about the Day Designer vs. The Simplified planner  you would know I LOVE all things Emily Ley and love the Simplified Planner. So, I had to get one for 2016 before they ran out…which she does run out quickly.

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One of my previous complaints was the the planner just showed up in cellophane. There was nothing creative or beautiful (unlike the Day Designer). I know this is a little picky of me but packaging is a big deal to me. This year Emily Ley really stepped up her packaging game! I love the little notes and the navy blue box is just gorgeous and the perfect home for my planner until I can use it in 2016.  simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur Seriously, this this is GORGOUS!!! So clean and sleek, I love the little gold pineapples and the matching lettering, spirals and corners! simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur

I admit that I don’t use the sleeve much, but I may just find a use for it. One of my other complaints is that the pages were hard to turn, much harder then the Day Designer. This was also fixed and they turn with ease now. I love the pretty colored tabs, they are just so bright and cheerful. simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur

I am still a little bummed at the year at a glance area, as I would prefer that it be on two pages. Though, I do love the bucket list spot, so I am willing to overlook it. simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur

This portion is unchanged but I like it just the way it is. I have plenty of room to write small notes on the side and fill in the squares for bigger events/appointments. simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur

both of these pages were changed for the better. Instead of going from 7am-7pm, it now goes from 6am-9pm. The only drawback is I lost the line in-between the hours that I used to use for half hour slots. For the weekends I still have a place to write in a schedule and a to do list. I also love the little check boxes to prepare for the coming week.

simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur

The other great part? It is smaller then it was previous years! This makes it easier to put in my purse or just to have around the house. simplified planner, 2016 planner, entrepreneur

I also purchased something new…a magnetic page separator. Not only does it match my brand perfectly (including the heart) but it is great to use to keep the month at a glance and day page easily accessible.


Overall I am happy with the changes made and am so excited to start using my new planner. I highly recommend the Simplified Planner for busy moms, entrepreneurs, or women in general that are looking to simplify their life and get organized. For men, Emily Ley just came out with Dapper Desk


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