Baby chicks, welcome home, homestead, dreams

I have been wanting chickens since we moved to North Carolina back in 2013 but it seemed the timing was never quite rite.

chickens, baby chicks, homestead, homeschool
After my husband got out of the military, we decided to sell our house and move to his hometown in Alabama. I was so excited about being near family but I also wanted to use this as a way of starting fresh.

My goals with the girls were to be more present, less TV, more outdoors, home school (more unschooling), and overall learn to live a more minimal life focusing on creating joy in our lives (instead of buying it).chickens, baby chicks, homestead, homeschool

The Big Move

We decided that we wanted to spend as little as possible on rent so that we could focus on paying off debt and eventually buying acreage (20+) and our forever home. I wanted to use this as a chance to size down and what better motivation to get rid of the extra stuff in our life than not having space for it!

We found a cozy little 1400 sqft house with ZERO storage (I might be regretting this) on an acre in the middle of farm lands with a nice shade provided by pecan trees. From the outside it is perfect, the inside has some serious issues (that we were unaware of). Remembering our goal of paying off debt we stuck a deal with the owner that we would fix up the house in exchange for taking money off our rent. A win-win situation to me (mainly because my husband is doing all of the work)!chickens, baby chicks, homestead, homeschool

Devastation Hits

A mere 3 days after moving in our family dog ran off and was seen being hit by a car. A women that saw it happen said an older gentleman picked her up. Over a week later and we still can’t find her or the man. Our family was and is so heartbroken. She had been with us for almost 8 years and was amazing with our girls.

I had already been talking to a women about getting chickens and decided to proceed as it would be a welcomed distraction for the girls and my broken heart.chickens, baby chicks, homestead, homeschool

Meet the Chickie Chicks

We drove 40 minutes to meet with my baby chicks supplier( or enabler)  at her home and were able to pick out each breed and chick. It was so much fun to see their parents and see all of the babies! I wanted to take them all home. Evelyn picked hers out within mere seconds and was in love (be still my heart).chickens, baby chicks, homestead, homeschool

My husband is a little upset that they are going to be freeloaders for six months so I got him two Australorps (they lay the most eggs). I am pretty sure he secretly loves them, even if he wont admit it. These five little girls (hopefully) have already brought the girls and myself so much joy that I don’t think I would care if they never laid an egg…okay I REALLY want them to lay eggs.

I made the HUGE mistake of deciding to keep them in my office. How on earth am I suposed to work when I just want to cuddle chickens all day. Speaking of cuddling chickens, Evelyn wants to hold them ALL day long (not that I can blame here). I figure I only get two months before they have to go out to their coop so I am going to enjoy them.

I see these chicks has a way to raise the girls connecting with nature. They get to see them grow, learn responsibility, build a connection and respect all while still being kids.

chickens, baby chicks, homestead, homeschool

Our Dreams Start TODAY

I used to think that we had to have it all together before we could start living our dreams. That we had to have a perfectly decorated house, fancy cars, and all of the nice things this world tells us that we need. One day I realized all I really wanted was a small farm where my family could enjoy our time together.  I have to strive everything to choose simple because so much of me wants to “keep up with the Jones.”

Getting chickens was our step one. Like I mentioned we are living in a small rental that my husband is remodeling. That wasn’t going to stop us from start to live out our dreams. Our neighbors have cows, so each day we go to the fence and talk to them. Now, we have our chicks to look after and love on.

I have to come up with a schedule that allows me to keep up and not get burnt out BUT I can say that getting these little chicks MOTIVATED the heck out of me. They helped me see a glimpse into the future I want and and that my girls deserve.signature

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