Becoming a LimeLight by Alcone Beauty Guide

Never in a million years did I think I would join a makeup company. I have always wanted so badly to be an entrepreneur, I just didn’t know what to do. Previously, I had a photography business that I loved but the timing was wrong. I spent two years as a Beachbody coach convincing myself that it was my calling (it wasn’t).

So, I went back to being a full time mom, and for awhile it was great. Then I start to let myself go again, the yoga pants took over my life and make up was rare. I started working on the weekends for a couple makeup companies, I could sell after all, though I was never a makeup artist. Truth be told, I loved being in the environment again but was very envious of the girls around me and their amazing makeup skills. All I wanted to do was learn to blend my eyeshadow and do a winged liner. Is that really to much to ask?

So, here I was pretty happy with life, longing to wing my eyeliner and missing skin care sales quite a bit. Makeup alone didn’t feel complete. Then it clicked. I had been watching and learning about LimeLight for quite awhile but honestly though there was no way I would get back into network marketing. Though that foundation did look AMAZING. I had a drawer FULL of some of the top makeup out there but that stuff was calling my name because along with my eyeshadow, I had never found that perfect foundation. I will admit up until I became a Beauty Guide, I used a makeup app to help my makeup look better for Facebook.

I made up my mind, I was going to go for it. I was going to spend money on makeup AND skin care (even though I had a free supply) and I was going to dive feet first back into the world of Network Marketing. This time I had smaller goals, I wasn’t trying to change the world, I just wanted an excuse to not look homeless daily and to finally learn how to do my makeup. After all, I was already helping my friends find good skin care and makeup, so why not make some money right?

Little did I know that I would instantly fall in love with LimeLight. Their products are all amazing, and I have a lot to compare it to. The company has so much integrity and I just love how involved the CEO’s are. The compensation play is just insane AND I earn free product.

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I can happily say that I am starting to get into the habit of taking time in the morning to get ready and look decent. Once I switched to LimeLight’s eyeshadow and eyeliner I realized that blending and winged liners were not nearly as hard as I thought, I just didn’t have the right products. I am slowly getting new products as I earn them and am just blown away.

The part that really excites me is that small goal of creating a winged liner is growing. Its getting me to step out of my comfort zone and start to dream again. Today I woke up and I felt like an entrepreneur, that feeling is something I have chased for so long. I finally don’t feel embarrassed when I say what I do for a living, I am excited to share it! That is HUGE for me! Now, I have dreams of building a team, helping people with their skin problems (my passion) and helping the everyday women have access to professional makeup. I might only be two months in but my dream of a Farmhouse with horses is back on my radar and its all thanks to Limelight.

Are you interested in becoming a Beauty Guide? Just shoot me a message to go my LimeLight page

Do you need skin care advice? I am not offering virtual consultations or can help you over email.

Want to check out the makeup? I can shade match you or you can go look around here



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